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Nil Ratan Dhar

Nil Ratan Dhar, Indian physical chemist (Jessore, Bangladesh 02 January 1892 – Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh State 05 December 1986)
Authored over 450 original papers on electrochemistry, catalysis, velocity of reactions, colloid chemistry, photochemical processes and soil reactions
With D.N. Bhattacharya determined the mobility of ions at zero degree temperature and the transport number of nitrite ion by electrolysis of a solution of silver nitrate
With A.K. Dutta determined the second dissociation constant of dibasic acids

Concluded that tropical sunlight is one of the governing factors in various chemical processes that occur in soils such as nitrification
Discovered the influence of light on nitrogen fixation and loss in soils
Discovered the relationship between the nitrogen and phosphate status of soils
Established that sunlight and phosphates enhance nitrogen fixation in soils by slow oxidation of organic matter
A new method of nitrogen fixation and conservation and reclamation of alkali lands. Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. (1935)

Suggested that many compounds that are formed in the atmosphere result from light-induced reactions (1930s)