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Nguyen Van Dao

Nguyen Van Dao, Vietnamese mathematician and physicist (Thanh-Ba District, Phu Tho Province 1937 – Hanoi 2006)

Authored 114 papers, 8 books and 5 monographs

One of the world’s leading experts in nonlinear oscillations

Studied the effects caused by parametric excitations on nonlinear systems

Identified relationship between distinct components of nonlinear systems

Made considerable contributions to methods of asymptotic analysis of nonlinear oscillatory systems, examining the interaction between nonlinear systems accomplishing self-excited oscillations, forced oscillation and parametrically-excited oscillations


Vibration and stability of dynamic systems with absorbers. Thesis (1965)

Connected oscillations of rigid bodies. J. Math. Phys. (1966)

Nonlinear oscillations of higher order systems (1979)

With Yu. A. Mitropolsky. Applied asymptotic methods in nonlinear oscillations (1994)

Quasilinear oscillations in systems with large static deflections. Proc. Intern. Conf. Appl. Dynamics (1995)

With N. V. Dinh. Interaction between nonlinear oscillating systems (1996)

With M.V. Dinh & T.K. Chi. Interaction between nonlinear parametric and forced oscillations. Viet. J. Mechanics 22(3), 1998

With N.V. Dinh. Dynamic absorber for self-excited system

Some problems on nonlinear oscillations. IUTAM Solid Mech. Appl. 77:141-51, 2000


Elected Member, European Science Academy (2002)