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Madhab Chandra Dash

Madhab Chandra Dash, Indian ecologist and zoologist (Malatipatpur, Puri District, Odisha State 28 November 1939 -

Authored 250 research papers

Developed a technology called vermitechnology using earthworms for wasteland reclamation, enhancing plant production and composting (1980s) that a former pupil (B.K. Senapati) and the Frenchman P. Lavelle patented in France (1996)

Brought new knowledge on arribada (mass synchronised sea turtle nesting), which has drawn the attention of conservationists of the world

With J.K. Biswas, A. Banerjee, S. Majumder, N. Bolan & B. Seshadri. New extracellular polymeric substance producing enteric bacterium from earthworm, Metaphire posthuma: Modulation through cultrure conditions. Proceed. Zool. Soc. 72(2), 2017




Achaeta nurimineni 1978 with Thambi

Enchytraeus berhampurosus 1978 with Thambi

Enchytraeus syracussus 1981 with Mitchell

Fridericia canadensis 1972

Fridericia kalinga 1978 with Nanda & Thambi

Fridericia nielseni 1972

Fridericia vancouverensis 1983

Marionina canadensis 1970

Marionina craggi 1970

Marionina indica 1978 with Thambi

Marionina macfadyeni 1978 with Thambi

Protozoa (1983 with Guru)


Difflugia indica


Difflugia lingula kalinga

Plagiopyxis callida minuta

Trinema lineare gigantea


Dashiella Julka 1988 (Oligochaeta)

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