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Liberato João Affonso Di Dio

Liberato João (John) Affonso (Alphonse) Di Dio, Brazilian/US anatomist (São Paulo 11 May 1920 - São Paulo 06 July 2004)
Son of Italian immigrants
Published 379 scientific papers and 8 books 
First to demonstrate eminentia orbitalis with x-rays in living individuals (1942)
Revolutionized the study of terminal ileum in many aspects (1952)
Proposed obelic area concept in Conceito de "area obélica" e variações de sua morfologia no crânio humano. Bol. Mus. Nac. Rio de Janeiro. Ser. Antropol. 17:1-5, 1958.
Suggested and demonstrated anatomicosurgical segmentation of spleen (1958) with Antonio Zapalá and Abadio Marcos Neder
Described the anatomicosurgical segments of heart (1978-80) with H. Rodrigues
Proposed a new surgical technique, segmenctectomy of the Left Ventricule for Systematized Partial Cardiac Resection 
An anatomy-based new surgical technique: "Segmentectomy" of the Left Ventricule for Systematized Partial Cardiac Resection. Symposium on Modern Imaging of the Human Body Dissecting and Clinical Anatomy. In: XV Federative International Congress of Anatomy, Rome 1999 (with F.B. Jatene, R.S. Assad & A.D. Jatene)

Developed technique for production of artificial sphincter

With W.R. Schiller & M.C. Anderson. Production of artificial sphincter. Ablation of the longitudinal layer of the intestine. Arch. Surg. 95(3):436, 1967

With B. Zilberstein. The first artificial sphincter performed experimentally in the small intestine by videolaparoscopic surgery. ABCD Arqu. Bras. Cir. Dig. 10(3):89-90, 1995 

With A. Stacchini, M.L.S. Primo, V. Borrelli & R. Andretto. Artificial sphincter as a surgical treatment for experimental massive resection of small intestine. Amer. J. Surg. 143:721-6, 1982

Proposed the term cecal ileum and others terms in anatomical terminology
Acclaimed Twenty Century Anatomist by many medical reviews and institutions
Founder, Medical University of Ohio 
President, Ohio Academy of Sciences (1979-80)
Honorary President, International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (1985-2004)