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Leonidas & Maria Deane

Leonidas de Mello Deane, Brazilian parasitologist (Belém 18 March 1914 – Rio de Janeiro 30 January 1993)

From British father
Authored over 200 works
Expert on epidemiology of endemic parasitic diseases of the New World
Recognized as a world expert on malaria
Studied biology related to parasites transmission by entomological vectors
Performed studies on geographical distribution of Anophelinae

Reported the first case of human infection by Plasmodium simium in scientific literature (1960s)


With his wife described a technique to scan intestinal content of Kissing bug




Anopheles  sawyeri 1943 with Causey & Sampaio

Anopheles galvaoi 1943 with Causey 

Anopheles pseudopunctipennis 1944 with Causey

Chagasia roozeboomi 1944 with Causey

Lutzomyia samueli 1955


Trypanosoma diasi 1952 with Martins

Trypanosoma coutinhoi 1961

Trypanosoma renjifoi

Trypanosoma mesnilbrimonti

Trypanosoma pessoai 1963 with Sugay  
Visiting Scientist, Imperial College of London (1970)
Genus Deanemyia Galati 2003 (Diptera)
His wife, Maria Von Paumgartten Deane, Brazilian parasitologist (Belém 24 July 1916 – Rio de Janeiro 13 August 1995)
From Austrian father and French mother

Co-authored most of his works

With H.L. Lenzi & A.M. Jansen discovered a double life cycle of Trypanosoma cruzi (vertebrate and invertebrate cycles) living in the same host, the opossum (Didelphis marsupialis) in 1984 

Um método para manter colônias de triatomídeos em laboratórios. Rev. Serv. Espec. Saude Publ. 2(2):493-500, 1948

With E. Kirchner. Método simples de enriquecimento para evidenciar tripanosomas no sangue. Rev. Inst. Med. Trop. S. Paulo 4(6):407-8, 1962

With R. Milder. A process of reproduction of Trypanosoma conorhini different from binary or multiple fission. J. Protozool. 13(4):553-9, 1966