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Laxmangudi Krishnamurthy Doraiswamy

Laxmangudi Krishnamurthy Doraiswamy, Indian / US chemical engineer (Bangalore 13 May 1927 – Danville, Pennsylvania 02 June 2012)

World pioneer on chemical reactions engineering

Established organic synthesis engineering as a modern discipline

Authored about 180 papers

Solved many problems in phase transfer catalysis by immobilizing the catalyst on a polymer support 


A number of processes such as catalytic and non-catalytic processes in both batch and continuous modes

A novel continuous catalytic process for dimethylaniline

Comercially important technologies such as fluidized-bed processes for making chloromethanes and methylchlorosilanes

Continuous process for ethylenediamine

A new process for vitamin B6

A complete process for methyl, ethyl, butyl and 2-ethylhexylacrylates

Zeolite catalysts and process for xylene isomerization

Processes for making alkylating benzene with alcohols

A calcium based sorbent for desulphurizing hot coal gas (with T. Wheelock)

Rihani-Doraiswamy method for calculating enthalpy, entropy and the Cp for an ideal gas (1965)

Verma-Doraiswamy method to estimate standard heat of formation


Richard H. Wilhelm (1990) & William H. Walker (2004) Awards, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Salford (1982) & University of Wisconsin Madison (1991)

Named one of 10 most distinguished chemical engineers in the world