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Jose Luis Duomarco

José Luis Duomarco de Pro, Uruguayan physiologist (Montevideo 27 September 1905 – Montevideo 25 November 1985)
From Spanish parents
Authored works on physical medicine and vascular physiology
Authored over 130 papers and 2 books

Described a new heart law

On the relationship between end systolic volume and ventricular mechanical impulse. A new law of the heart. Acta Physiol. Latinoam. 8, 1958 

With A.C. Esponda & A. Asplando. On a new law of the heart. Ann. Fac. Med. Montevideo 44, 1959
Eponym of Holt-Duomarco effect


Authored the first study about intra-abdominal pressure in human (1947)

Important studies on venous pressure in human

First to show clearly the abdomen behaves as a fluid-filled container with a flexible anterior abdominal wall (1947)

Suggested that venous collapse is a hydrostatic analogy of a waterfall (1954) 


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