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Ermias Dagne

Ermias Dagne, Ethiopian natural products chemist (Deder, Harar 08 June 1944 -

Developed chemical compounds in isolation for use in pharmaceutical preparations

With H. Thomsen, K. Heider, K. Franke et al. developed a simple, inexpensive bioassay against the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans using antihelmitic active extracts of plant Hagenia abyssinica (2012)

With A. Yenesew, S. Asmellash, S. Mavi et al. first to report isoeleutherol as a natural product (1994)

With W. Mammo, I. Casser & W. Steglich discovered araliorhamnones, a new class of anthraquinone lactones with three adjacent C-substituents on ring C (1990)

With E. Berhanu first to report aloe-emodin acetate in Liliaceae family (1985)  

With W. Steglich obtained the first phenyl anthraquinones (1984)

With W. Steglich isolated erymelanthine, a new type of Erythrina alkaloid containing a 16-azaerythrinane skeleton (1983)

With N. Castagnoli Jr. found a new metabolite of nicotine (cotinine-N-oxide) in 1972

Obtained more than 60 new chemicals from African flora


With M. Induli, M. Gebru, N. Abdissa et al. Antiplasmodial quinones from the rhizomes of Kniphofia foliosa. Nat. Prod. Comm. 8(9):1261-4, 2013

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With E. Yankep & Z.T. Fomum. An O-geranylated isoflavone from Millettia griffoniana. Phytochem. 46(3):591-3, 1997

With A.A.L. Gunatilaka et al. Two new cytotoxic cytochalasins from Xylaria obovata. Tetrahedron (1994)

With M. Alemu & O. Sterner. Flavonoids from Euclea divinorum. Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 7(2):87-92, 1993

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