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Ducci family

José Ducci Kallens, Chilean physician and inventor (Santiago 20 May 1884 – Santiago 31 October 1931)

From Italian father



Devices for measuring arterial and ocular pressures

A radiological system to view organs in volume and depth

A new technique for stomach radiography

Primitive models of enteroscopic radioscopy and planography

New radiological methods

Regulator for victrolas  (patented)

His son, Hector Ducci Claro, Chilean internist (15 August 1915 – 24 July 1959)

Authored 105 papers

Proposed a practical clinical classification of jaundice

With Cecil J. Watson devised a method to measure conjugated bilirubin in serum (bilirrubine reacting direct or Ducci-Watson test) 1945

Developed several laboratory techniques mainly liver function tests

Proposed the use of high doses of cortisone in fulminant hepatic failure due to viral hepatitis that standed worldwide for at least two decades as the life-saving alternative (1951)

Standardized and adapted the thymol test of MacLagan to the photoelectric colorimeters (1946-7)

With R. Katz. A simple method for the preparation of labile factor deficient plasma. Thromb. Diath. Haemor. 1(3-4):413-7 1957

With E. Taucher. Clinical experience with iodopanoic acid – a new contrast medium for cholecystography. Rev. Med. Chile 82(10):568-76, 1954


Ducci colloidal red test (1947)

Ducci-Toriello technique (1951)

Ducci-Mayel reaction    

See Rev. Med. Chile 127 (9):1150-2, 1999