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Décourt brothers

Luiz Venere Décourt, clinician (Campinas, São Paulo State 07 December 1911 – São Paulo 20 May 2007)
Published 324 papers

With R.G, Ferri, M. Papaleo Neto, S.D. Giannini, G. Spilborghs & T. Tutiya. Serological tests in diagnosis of rheumatic activity. I. Determination of mucoprotein. Arq. Bras. Cardiol. 8(4):361-78, 1955

With R.G. Ferri, T.J.B. Cardoso & T. Tutiya. Isolamento e eletroforese da mucoproteína do soro humano. Rev. Hosp. Clin. 10:389-94, 1955

Elaborated a methodology to recognize the most acute moment of rheumatic fever
With J.L. Faria. J.V. Barbas, T. Fujioka, M.F. Lion & U. Andrade e Silva. Pulmonary schistosomotic arteriovenous fistulas producing a new cyanotic syndrome in Manson’schistosomiasis. Amer. Heart J. 58:556-67, 1959


Developed revascularization technique of right coronary for acute infarction of myocardium

With E.J. Zerbini & R. Macruz. Cirurgia de revascularização no enfarte agudo do miocárdio. Arq. Bras. Cardiol. 23:353-68, 1970


With T. Fujioka, R. Macruz et al. The costobronchogenic angle – a new method for the radiologic evaluation of volumetric changes in the left atrium. Arq. Bras. Cardiol. 28(5):523-35, 1975 


First experimental demonstration of coronarian flow phenomenological derivation 

With O.M. Gomes, N.L.T.B. Moraes, A.I. Fiorelli, E. Armelin, D. Bittencourt, F. Pileggi, R. Macruz & E.J. Zerbini. Fenomeno de derivação do fluxo coronário: primeira demonstração experimental. Arq. Bras. Cardiol. 32:141, 1979.

Co-authored the biggest series of researches about myocardial muscle bridges and found two types of them (superficial and deep)

With A.G. Ferreira Jr., S. Trotter, B. König Jr, K. Fox & E.G. Olsen. Myocardial bridges: morphological and functional aspects. Brit. J. Heart 66:364-7, 1991

His brother, Luciano Venere Décourt, Brazilian endocrinologist (Campinas, São Paulo State 1914 – São Paulo 1975)
Authored 86 works

Described that phenotypic signs of Turner syndrome were due to absence of nuclear chromatine (1954)

With W.S. Sasso, E. Chiorboli, M.C. Lima and J.M. Fernandes. Sobre o sexo genético  na síndrome de Turner. Rev. Assoc. Med. Bras. 1(2):203-6, 1954.