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Daniel de la Paz

Daniel de La Paz, Philippine pharmacologist (Marikina, Rizal Province 03 January 1887 - ?)

Described Cannon reflex or Cannon-de la Paz syndrome

With W.B. Cannon. Emotional stimulation of adrenal secretion. Am. J. Physiol. 28:64-70, 1911

With A.G. Sison found Premna odorata effective for treating bronchial asthma



With F. Garcia. An experimental study on the use of apomorphine to remove foreign bodies from the respiratory passages. Phil. J. Sci. 11 Sect B : 51-59, 1916

With L.A. Guerrero & A. l. Guerrero. Poisoning by Illicium religiosum Siebold. Phil. J. Sci. Sect B 11(5):203-13, 1916

On the antihelminthic property of Quisqualis indica. Trans. 4th Congress Far Eastern Assoc. Trop. Med. 2:255, 1921.