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Carlos Ribeiro Diniz

Carlos Ribeiro Diniz, Brazilian toxinologist (Luminarias, Minas Gerais State 02 February 1919 – Belo Horizonte 08 September 2002)

Isolated and characterized neurotoxins from spiders and scorpions venoms


With J. Moura Gonçalves isolated and characterized the active compounds of venom from Tityus serrulatus such as tityustoxin   
With J. Torres discovered that pre-synaptic action of venom from Tityus serrulatus is due to acetylcholine release

Developed the first dosage method of bradykininogen in blood

With I. F. de Carvalho & M. Rocha e Silva. A micromethod for determination of bradykininogen in blood plasma under several physiological and pathological conditions. Nature (UK) 192:1194-5, 1961.

With I.F. de Carvalho. A micromethod for determination of bradykininogen under several conditions. Ann. New York Academy of Sciences 104(1):77-88, 1963.   

First to obtain data about kynetic behavior of kynin-releasing enzymes

With M. Mares Guia. Alguns aspectos do estudo bioquímico das cininogeninas. Rev.Assoc. Med. Minas Gerais 19:40-52, 1968.  
With J. Coutinho-Netto. Properties of tityustoxin obtained by a new method of purification. Anais Acad. Bras. Ciencias 46:699, 1974.
With C. Chavez-Olortegui and C.S. Lopes et al. An enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that discriminates between Bothrops atrox and Lachesis muta venoms. Toxicon 31(4);417-25, 1993. 
With D.A.M. Araújo, M.N. Cordeiro, M. Richardson & P.S.L. Beirão. A novel class of polypeptide toxin modifies sodium current inactivation and activation in isolated skeletal muscle. Journal of Physiology 467:365, 1993.  
With J.C. R. Oliveira, L.M. Silva and et al. A method for the determination of snake venoms toxicity in vitro using cell culture. In 5 Simposio da Soc. Bras. Toxin., Angra dos Reis, rio de Janeiro, 1998.  
With R. A. Mafra, S.G. Figueiredo et al. Ph Tx4, a new class of toxins from Phoneutria nigriventer spider venom inhibits the glutamate uptake in rat brain synaptosomes. Brain Research 831(1-2):297-300, 1999.  
Held 2 patents  


President, International Society on Toxinology (1976-7)