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Bhola Nath Dhawan

Bhola Nath Dhawan, Indian neuropharmacologist (Khairabad, Uttar Pradesh State 11 October 1932 –

Authored over 400 papers, 20 books

Discovered the apomorphine stereotypy in pigeon (1960)

Elucidated the role of biogenic amines and opioid peptides

With A. Gulati & R.C. Srimal elucidated the role of neurotransmitters in the regulation of the blood brain barrier (1986)

With A. Gulati, S.K. Agarwal, R. Shukla & R.C. Srimal developed a simple procedure for transiently opening the blood brain barrier by administration of an intravenosus bolus of hypertonic saline (1985)

Discovered 8 new drugs and a diagnostic kit

PATENTS (70 national and international patents; incomplete list)

With D.K. Dikshit, S. Singh, G.K. Patnaik & R.C. Srimal. A process for the synthesis of 4,5-substituted 2-oxo-4-oxazolidine carboxylic acids. IN178841A5 (1997)

With V.J. Ram, S.K. Singh, F.A. Hussaiani, A. Shoeb, S.B. Intripathi, G.K. Patnaik, R.C. Srimal & A.P. Bhaduri. A process for the synthesis of 3,4,6,tribubstituted-2H-pyran-2-ones having hepatoprotective activity. IN178259A15 (1997)  

With B.S. Singh, R. Chander, S.K. Chatterjee, Y. Dwivedi et al. A process for the preparation and composition of a fraction containing picrosides I and kuktoside. EP 0571668-A1 (1993)

With S.D. Sharma, K.B. Mathur, A. Raghubir, G.K. Patnaik & R.C. Srimal. A process for the synthesis of L-tyrosyl-D-alanyl-glycyl-L-N-methyl phenylalanyl-L-methionine N-substituted amines and their corresponding sulphoxide derivatives as analgesics. IN166472A19 (1990)

With P.C. Jain, R.C. Srimal, N. Anand, J.N. Sharma & V.A. Rao. Derivés de la quinoleine, leur preparation et leurs utilisations therapeutiques. FR Patent 2279403-A1 (1976)

With V.A. Murthi, P.C. Jain, J.N.Sharma, R.C. Srimal & N. Anand. 1-substituted 4(-B-2-quinolyethyl)piperazines and 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinolyl-ethyl analogues thereof. US 03983121A 

With A.K. Saxena, P.C. Jain, G. Singh et al. 2-substituted-1,2,3,4,6,7,12,12-A-

octahydropyrazino(2’1’:6,1)pyrido(3,4-B)indoles. US Patent 3917599 (1975)