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Anil Kumar Das

Anil Kumar Das, Indian astronomer (Chinsura Hoogly, West Bengal 01 February 1902 – Hyderabad 18 February 1961)
Authored about 40 papers
Explained a large number of solar phenomena
Measured the temperature difference between the pole and equator of the Sun (1953) confirming the Bjerknes theory of 1926  
Showed that the area of calcium prominences in Sun’s atmosphere was indeed maximum in January and minimum in July (1940)


With B.B. Roy & D.N. Das Gupta. A new upper air temperature indicator. Gerlands Beitr. Z. Geophys. 36:4-6, 1932
Simple instruments for studying temperature inversions in the free atmosphere. Gerlands Beitr. Z. Geophys. 37:224-32, 1932
With R. Anantha Krishnan & B.N. Bhargava. A recording photoelectric photometer. Indian J. Met. Geophys. 2:151-61, 1951


Lunar crater Das