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Walter Oswaldo Cruz

Walter Oswaldo Cruz, Brazilian hematologist  (Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro State 23 January 1910 – Rio de Janeiro  03 January 1967 )

Son of Oswaldo G. Cruz

Authored 130 papers

Proposed that ancylostomotic anemia was due to disturbances in iron metabolism (1932)

Verified that hemostasis depends on innervations

With A.C. Oliveira showed the existence of a pulmonary role in hemostasis control and organism irrigation 

Revealed a hemostatic activity of compounds such as lipoproteins

Suggested that nervous control of vessels and the biochemical state of plasma in arterial blood play an important role in hemostasis


With A.C. Oliveira. Dog’s isolated hind limb preparation as a suitable method for the study of hemostasis. Appl. Phys. 13:368-74, 1958

With L. De Meis, J.R. Magalhães & C.P. Von Dietrich developed isolated rabbit ear method for hemostasis in vivo (1962)

With C.P. Von Dietrich developed topical scarification in rat tail for hemostasis in vivo (1967)

Methods for quantitative determination of anti platelet serum power and determination of ratio between platelets to blood volume   

A method to observe the behavior of isolated samples of blood in haemostasis (1956-8)