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Te-tzu Chang

Te-Tzu Chang, Taiwanese plant geneticist (Shanghai 03 April 1927 - Tamsui Village, Northern Taiwan 24 March 2006)

Authored over 250 articles

Regarded as world authority on rice genetics and conservation

Developed a new variety of dwarf rice (1962) and other rice varieties


The management of rice genetic resources. Genome 31:825-31, 1989

The Ethnobotany of rice in Island Southeast Asia (1988)

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Principles of genetic conservation. Iowa State J. Res. 59(4):325-48, 1985

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With S.K. DeDatta & W.R. Coffman. Breeding methods for upland rice (1975)

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Varietal differences in lodging resistance. Intl. Rice Comm. Newsletter 13(4):1-11, 1964


John Scott Award (1969)

International Service in Agronomy Award, American Society of Agronomy (1980)

Rank Prize in Agronomy and Nutrition, Rank Prize Foundation (1988)

Frank N. Meyer Award and Medal in Plant Germplasm (1990)

Foreign Member, US National Academy of Sciences (1994)

Genus Changii Prasad, Strömberg, Leaché et al. 2011 (Phytolith)