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Stephenson Caticha Ellis

Stephenson Caticha Ellis, Uruguayan/Brazilian physicist and crystallographer (Melo 30 September 1927 – Campinas, São Paulo State 27 October 2003)
Obtained international recognition for his studies on x-rays anomalous dispersion and dynamical diffraction
Authored about 200 works


First proposed multiple diffraction for determination of mosaic spread

Described a method using real part of the dispersion correction in the x-ray atomic scattering factor for the solution of centrosymmetric crystal structures

On the use of anomalous scattering of x-rays in the solution of centrosymmetric structures. Acta Crystall. 15(9):863-5, 1962
With Ariel Ramos & Luis R. Saravia. Use of primary filters in x-ray spectrography: a new method for trace analysis. Proc 16th Denver x-ray Conf. (1968)
With C.B.R. Parente. Multiple scattering of x-rays and neutrons. I. A recurrence formula for the Taylor series expansion in the calculation of intensities. Japan Journal Appl. Physics 13(10):1501-5, 1974
With L.P. Cardoso. An x-ray microdensitometer. Journal of Physics. E, scientific Instruments 12(6):545-8, 1979
With C. Campos & L.P. Cardoso. A simple method to cut a single crystal in any desired direction. J. Appl.Crystallogr. 16:360, 1983
With A.G. Alvarez, I.L. Torriani & E.G. Lluesma. Development of some phosphorus of high quantic efficiency and their application in radiological image reinforcing screens (1984)
With Lisandro P. Cardoso invented a x-rays monochromator-collimator of high accuracy (1989)
With A. Caticha & N. Caticha. Resonant cavity for the stimulated emission of x rays, Appl. Phys. Lett. 54:887-9, 1989
With Ariel Caticha. A Fabry-Perot interferometer for hard x-rays. Physica Status Solidi 119(2):643-54, 1990
With Richard Boyce & Herman Winick. Conceptual design of instrumentation to measure the diffraction profile of a single crystal at Bragg angle near by using synchrotron radiation. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics research Section A 291:132-4, 1990
With Ariel Caticha. A thermal neutron interferometer of the Fabry-Perot type. Physica Status Solidi 153:29, 1996 


With A. Fabris de Mercantini. Identificación por difracción de rayos X de los minerales de las arenas negras ilmenitico-monaciticas del litoral uruguayo. Bol.Fac.Ing. Montevideo 5(10):285-313, 1955

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With S. Chang. An ambiguity in indexing Renninger diagrams and the distinction between some opposite directions in cubic crystals. Acta Crystall. A 34:825, 1978

With A. da Costa Lamas & S.L. Chang. On the use of powder diffractrometry in the study of phase transitions case of NaNO2. Physica Status Solidi 68(1):173-8, 1981   

Anomalous dispersion of x-rays in crystallography (1981)

With A. Caticha. Dynamical diffraction of x-rays by thin crystals at Bragg angles near π2. Physica Status Solidi 119(1):47-54, 1990