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Srinivasan Chandrasekaran

Srinivasan Chandrasekaran, Indian organic chemist (Tamil Nadu 15 November 1945 –

Developed and improved many new synthetic routes for a wide variety of chemicals


With P.V. Balaji reported the first general method for the geminal amination and an intermolecular metal-free germinal amino oxygenation of vinylarenes using hypervalent iodine reagent (2016)

Developed a simple method for the synthesis of a range of functionalized organoselenium compounds by nucleophilic ring opening of a variety of doubly activated cyclopropanes with diselenides under strictly nucleophilic conditions being the first report of a generalized procedure for the ring opening of various doubly activated cyclopropanes by using diselenides (2015)

Presented the first studies of the reactivity of carbohydrate vinylcyclopropanes towards the synthesis of densely functionalized oxepane analogues (2014)

With P.V. Balaji first to report on the non-Wacker intermolecular germinal oxyamination of styrenes through a domino process (2013)

With S. Devarajulu & P. Gopinath discovered a new selena-aza-Payne type rearrangement of aziridinemethanoltosylates mediated by tetraselenotungstate (2012)  

With R. Ramapanicker, R. Gupta & R. Megha demonstrated the utility of propargyl esters as a protecting group for carboxyl groups in solution-phase peptide synthesis (2011)

With R. Ramesh. But-2-ynylbisoxycarbonyl chloride: a novel C2-symmetric reagent for the protection of amines and amino acids. Organic Lett. 7:4947-50, 2005


Tetrathiomolybates as reagents for sulfur transfer reaction and induced internal redox reaction

Reagents system of PDC/t-butyl hydroperoxide for allylic oxidation

Ruthenium based catalysts and nanostructured amorphous metals and alloys as catalysts for aerobic oxygen transfer reactions