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Shiing Shen Chern

Shiing Shen Chern, US / Chinese mathematician (Jia Xin, Chekiang Province 26 October 1911 – Tianjin 03 December 2004)
Considered as founder of global differential geometry and integral hyperbolic geometry
Introduced Hermitian geometry to multiple complexes
Introduced the concept of Hermitian connections
With E.H. Spanier proved Thom isomorphism independent from René Thom (1951)
Enunciated Chern theorem  (1953)
With Levine and Nirenberg defined intrinsic norm about complex manifold cohomology


Mathematics Wolf Prize (1983)

Mathematics Shaw Prize (2004)

Asteroid Chern (29552)


Chern characteristic class (1946)

Chern forms

Chern-Simons form  

Chern-Moser invariants (1974)

Chern-Simons invariants (1971)

Chern-Simons secondary characteristic class  

Bernstein-Heinz-Chern inequalities  

Chern-Barbosa method  

Chern-do Carmo-Kobayashi conjecture  

Chern character  

Chern-Weil homomorfism (1949)

Blaschke-Chern-Santalo theorem

Chern isomorphism