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Seiva Cherdman Cascon

Seiva Cherdman Cascon, Romanian-born Brazilian plant chemist (1926-?)


Discovered asclepiasides, cardioactive  glucosides of genus Asclepias

With W.B. Mors. Os glucosídeos cardíacos da Asclepias curassavica L., planta tóxica das pastagens brasileiras. Arch. Jard. Bot. 16:103-116, 1958


With W.B. Mors. Substancias isoladas da Palicourea marcgravii St.Hil. Uma nova síntese de N-metil-tiramina. Anais Assoc. Bras. Quim. 21:53-60, 1962

Isolated ichthyotherol, possibly the first toxic polyacetylene from a plant

With W.B. Mors, B.M. Tursch, R.T. Aplin, L.J. Durham. Ichthyotherol and its acetate: the active polyacetylene constituents of Ichthyothere terminalis (Spreng) Malme, a fish poison from the Lower Amazon.Amer. Chem. Soc. J. 87:5237-41, 1965.   
Isolated triterpene cabraleone 
With K.S. Brown Jr. Biogenetically significant triterpenes in a species of Meliaceae. Tetrahedron 28:315-24, 1972 
Acido cabraleonico, um novo composto A-seco triterpenico, isolado da Cabralea polytrichia. Ciencia & Cult. 27(8):177, 1975  


With M.P.M. Carvalho, L.L. Moura, I.S.S. Guimarães & T. Philip obtained sweet potato dyes for use in foods (1984) 
A dye preparation process from Ipomoea batata (1984)

With A.M. Bittencourt & T. Philip. Processo de preparação dos edulcorantes de Stevia rebaudiana (Bert.) 1985



With L.L. Moura & I.S.S. Guimarães patented a process for extraction and production of red dye powder from sugar-beet Beta vulgaris (1983)
With M.P.M. Carvalho, L.L. Moura & I.S.S. Guimarães patented red coloring of the anthocyanin type from sweet potatoes (1984)