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Roberto Caldeyro-Barcia

Roberto Caldeyro-Barcia, Uruguayan obstetrical physiologist (Montevideo 26 September 1921 – 02 December 1996)
With Hermógenes Alvarez
First obtained records of intrauterine amniotic pressure during childbirth defining intensity, contraction rate, inner tonus and uterine activity (1947) . These were the first records of human uterus activity during labor

Established the descending triple gradient law (1949)

Developed Montevideo unit of uterine performance (1949)
First recorded intramiometrial pressure in distinct parts of uterus during childbirth establishing the source and propagation of wave of uterine contraction (1950)

Established two kinds of contraction during pregnancy


Established the concept of uterine tonus, its effects and variations


Described the pain, emotions and remedies influence on uterine conductivity 

Independent from Edward Hon described main changes of fetal cardiac rate produced via uterine contractions which became later the basis of fetal monitoring (1958)
Eponym of Alvarez-Caldeyro Barcia microballoon
Described criteria to predict the progress of labor during delivery
Showed an original method used to diagnose early fetal asphyxia during labor (1958)
Developed methods for recording contractions of pregnant human uterus and fetal cardiac rate 
Described the first continuous cardiotachogram (1958)
With colleagues developed sub partu tocolysis, the first medicamentous tocolysis (1969)
Proposed first uterine inhibitory treatment in the world

Developed the first devices for recording uterine contractility and fetal heart rate

First to record amniotic fluid, intraplacental blood and intramiometrial pressures 

Eponym of Caldeyro Barcia classification for decelerations (1965)  


President, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (1976-9)

Houssay Prize, Organization of American States (1976)

Medicine & Physiology Nobel Prize nominee (1994 & 1995)

Asteroid Caldeyro 9478