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Raymundo Martins de Castro

Raymundo Martins de Castro, Brazilian dermatologist (São Paulo 14 July 1927 – São Paulo State 11 September 1993)

Showed the effectiveness of amphotericin B for treating mucosal forms of American cutaneous leishmaniasis

With S. A. Sampaio, N.L. Dillon & J.E. Martins. Treatment of mucocutaneous (American) leishmaniasis with amphotericin B: report of 70 cases. Int. J. Dermatology, 1971   

Classified clinically fogo selvagem (endemic pemphigus foliaceus) in 4 distinct phases with clinical and immunological characteristics 

With N.G. Proença. South American pemphigus foliaceus. The Glaxo Volume 36:17-30, 1972

Distinguished immunopathologically fogo selvagem from other varieties of pemphigus

With N.G. Proença. Ahnlichkeiten und untershiede zwischen brasilianischem fogo selvagem und pemphigus foliaceus Cazenave. Hautarzt 33:574-77, 1982