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Ranwel Caputto

Ranwel Caputto DeRosa, Argentine bio and neurochemist (Buenos Aires 01 January 1914 – Cordoba 19 April 1994)


Codiscovered glucose 1,6 diphosphate as coenzyme of phosphoglucomutase (1948) and its enzymatic synthesis (1949)
With L.F. Leloir, C. Cardini & A. Paladini UDPG and UDP-gal (1950)

With L.F. Leloir general synthetic mechanism of disaccharides in yeasts, showing the same mechanism in plants (1950)


With L.F. Leloir discovered and determined structure of glucose-1,6 di-phosphate (1958)


Adenosinkinase, sialil-lactose, neuramin lactose sulphate, mammalian neuraminidase and lactose 3-phosphate

The biosynthesis of sulphatides as a reaction between cerebrosides and phospho adenosine phosphosulphate (PAPS)
With C. Landa & H.C. F. Maccioni identified the site of ganglioside synthesis in the chick optic system
With M. Mestrallet & F.A. Cumar the synthesis of trisialogangliosides
With M.E. Hallak, J.A. Rodríguez & H.S. Barra a new carboxipeptidase
With H.S. Barra, J.A. Rodríguez & C. Arce a metabolic step that adds tyrosine and phenylalanine to tubulin as a novel post-translational event
With S. Quiroga & B.I. Caputto an inhibitor of n-acetylgalactosamyl transferase in GM2 synthesis
With R.O. Duffard, I. Albarracín & F.E. Lassaga an endogenous inhibitor of sialyl transferase in GM3 ganglioside synthesis
With B.I. Caputto, A.H.R. Landa & C. Landa the effect of light as a model of neuronal stimulation on ganglioside turnover in the chick visual system

With R.E. Trucco, J. Tang & S. Wolf isolated and crystallized the gastricsin (1958)

Characterized new enzymatic activities