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Ranwel Caputto

Ranwel Caputto DeRosa, Argentine bio and neurochemist (Buenos Aires 01 January 1914 – Cordoba 19 April 1994)


With R.E. Trucco. Neuramin-lactose, a new compound isolated from the mammary gland of rats. J. Biol. Chem. 206 (2):901-9, 1954

With H.J. Maccioni & A. Arce. A method of determining the sequence of incorporation of monosaccharides in the synthesis of the branched oligosaccharide chain of a structural compound. The biosynthesis of Tay-Sachs gangliosides. FEBS Lett 23(2):136-8, 1972 

With R.E. Trucco, J. Tang & S. Wolf isolated and crystallized the gastricsin (1958)

Characterized new enzymatic activities 


Codiscovered glucose 1,6 diphosphate as coenzyme of phosphoglucomutase (1948) and its enzymatic synthesis (1949)
With L.F. Leloir, C. Cardini & A. Paladini UDPG and UDP-gal (1950)

With L.F. Leloir general synthetic mechanism of disaccharides in yeasts, showing the same mechanism in plants (1950)


With L.F. Leloir discovered and determined structure of glucose-1,6 di-phosphate (1958)


Adenosinkinase, sialil-lactose, neuramin lactose sulphate, mammalian neuraminidase and lactose 3-phosphate

The biosynthesis of sulphatides as a reaction between cerebrosides and phospho adenosine phosphosulphate (PAPS)
With C. Landa & H.C. F. Maccioni identified the site of ganglioside synthesis in the chick optic system
With M. Mestrallet & F.A. Cumar the synthesis of trisialogangliosides
With M.E. Hallak, J.A. Rodríguez & H.S. Barra a new carboxipeptidase
With H.S. Barra, J.A. Rodríguez & C. Arce a metabolic step that adds tyrosine and phenylalanine to tubulin as a novel post-translational event
With S. Quiroga & B.I. Caputto an inhibitor of n-acetylgalactosamyl transferase in GM2 synthesis
With R.O. Duffard, I. Albarracín & F.E. Lassaga an endogenous inhibitor of sialyl transferase in GM3 ganglioside synthesis
With B.I. Caputto, A.H.R. Landa & C. Landa the effect of light as a model of neuronal stimulation on ganglioside turnover in the chick visual system

Papers in top journals

With M. Dixon. Crystallization and identity of the triose and triose phosphate dehydrogenases of muscle. Nature 156:630, 1945

With R.E. Trucco.A new galactose-containing compound from mammary glands. Nature 169 (4312):1061-2, 1952

With S. El Khatib, U.A. Chenau, M.P. Carpenter & R.E. Trucco. Possible presence of lipid peroxides in tissues of tocopherol-deficient animals. Nature 201 (4915):188-9, 1964

With B.L. Caputto & A. H. Maccioni. Light inhibits the labeling of gangliosides in chicken retina. Nature 257 (5526):492-3, 1975