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Ranjit Kumar Chandra

Ranjit Kumar Chandra, Indian physician (Mailsi, Punjab Province, Pakistan  02 February 1938 –
Authored about 200 papers

Discovered Chandra-Ketharpal syndrome

Levocardia with bronchiectasis and paranasal sinus abnormalities. Indian J. Pedia. 30:78-80, 1963
First established a direct link between nutritional deficiencies and immune system responses


Prospective studies of the effect of breast feeding on incidence of infection and allergy. Acta Paediatrica Scand. 68:691-4, 1979

Excessive intake of zinc impairs immune responses. JAMA 252:1442-5, 1984

Nutrition and immunity: lessons from the past and new insights into the future. Amer. J. Clin. Nutr. 53:1087-1101, 1991


Medicine & Physiology Nobel Prize nominee for two times