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Ramón Carrillo

Ramón Carrillo Gómez, Argentine neuroscientist (Santiago Del Estero 07 March 1906 – Belém, Brazil 20 December 1956)
Authored 140 monographs on neurology, psychiatry, histology and pathology of nervous system and history of medicine

Performed the first comparative study of neuroglia and its development

Discovered that neuroglia phylogenetically develops in parallel manner to vascular system

Discovered that development of vessels presented a parallel trophic action on neurogliae layers a phenomenon that named vasculo-gliotaxis

Reported original contributions in Anatomia functional del lobulo frontal and Leucotomia Selectiva   

Accurately cerebral sclerosis and identified a new form of brain sclerosis named scleroatrophic form of Carrillo  

Brain structures that bore his name 


Methods of observation and staining for neurogliae

Iodine ventriculography

Tomoencephalography (with Manuel Oribe & Manuel Malenchini)

Principles of hospital architecture worldwide adopted

With R.F. Matera. Nueva tecnica operatoria minima. Leucotomia selectiva en el dolor visceral. Seara Medica 5(2-4):133-42, 1950

Nueva técnica para la coloración de la neuroglia sobre cortes a congelación, por el verde luz 



Carrillo disease (epidemical acute papilitis)

Carrillo sign (1937)

Carrillo leucotomy technique (1944)

Carrillo-Matera procedure


Argentine Health Minister (1946-54)

President, International Congress of Surgery (1950)

Honorary Adviser, Austrian Society of Public Health

Correspondent Member, Societé de Neurochirurgie de France