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Pedro Cossio

Pedro Cossio Alurralde, Argentine cardiologist (San Miguel de Tucumán 17 August 1900 – Buenos Aires 15 November 1986)
Authored 250 works
With Isidro Perianes developed percutaneous tricuspid valvulotomy (1948) and proposed the inferior vena cava ligature for treatment of refractory cardiac failure

Described a new sign for total auriculoventricular block

With M. Lascalea. Un nuevo signo auscultatorio de bloqueo total auriculoventricular. Rev. Arg. Cardiol. 1:276, 1934

With I. Berconsky. Insuficiência cardíaca inaparente (Nueva entidad fisiopatologica). Rev. Arg. Cardiol. 1, 1934 Non-apparent cardiac insufficience (new physiopathologic entity)


Described horizontal electrocardiographic derivations or Cossio-Bibiloni derivations
Developed a tricuspid intravascular valvulotome (1949)
Invented vision stethoscope (1966)


Cossio-Berconsky syndrome or post-tachycardia syndrome (1947)

Lutembacher-Cossio syndrome 

Cossio-Berconsky-Gonzalez Sabatié-Vedoya sign (for diagnosis of aortic arch aneurysm)

Cossio-Gitlin sign

Cossio-Levine sign 

Cossio venous Musset sign

Cossio operation 

Cossio maneuvre