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Pedro Chutro

Pedro Chutro, Argentine surgeon (Chascomús, Buenos Aires Province 18 February 1880 – Buenos Aires 18 October 1937)
Internationally respected as one of great surgeons of the world in his day


Syndrome of Acute edema of the hands

Chutro sign in tuberculous peritonitis

Chutro sign in acute appendicitis


Chutro-Phemister method for treatment of pseudoarthrosis (1918)

Chutro technique for treatment of extra-articular hip arthrodesis

Chutro technique of cartilaginous cranioplasties

Chutro operation for treatment of osteomyielitis

Chutro graft

Chutro maneuver

Chutro stirrups

Chutro band

Chutro-Posadas fracture

A neurotomy technique

An apparatus for extension in femoral fractures