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Oswaldo Cruz

Oswaldo Gonçalves Cruz, Brazilian sanitarist and microbiologist (São Luiz do Paraitinga, São Paulo State 05 August 1872 – Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro State 11 February 1917)

His works on toxicology in Pasteur Institute were praised by famous scientists like Metchnikov, Roux and Nebert 

Developed a method for extraction of toxic albumins from ricine seeds

Etude toxicologique de la ricine. Ann. Hyg. Publ. Med. Legale XL (1898)

Developed techniques for combating Aedes aegypti
Developed an efficient serum anti-plague
Devised a water sampler  for microbiological studies 
Proposed a type-mixed filter for microbes in water (Cruz filter)
Invented a washing apparatus of fixed specimens for histological studies

Ein einfacher Waschapparat fur mikroskopische zwecke. Zeitschrift fur Wissenschaftliche Mikroskopie und fur Mikroskopische Technik, fasc.XV, 1898. 


Described subgenus Chagasia 1906 (Diptera)

Gold Medal, International Congress of Hygiene and Demography, Berlin, 1907

Oswaldina Rangel 1921 (Fungi)

Cruzella Cunha, Faria & Pinto 1923 (Marine Protozoa)

Protocruzia Faria, Cunha & Pinto 1922 (Marine Protozoa)

Oswaldocruzia Travassos 1917 (Nematoda)

Oswaldostrongylus  Lent & Freitas 1934 (Nematoda)

Oswaldofilaria Travassos 1933  (Nematoda)

Cruznema  Artigas 1927 (Nematoda)

Cruzia Travassos 1917 (Nematoda)

Oswaldotrema Muniz-Pereira & Pinto 2000 (Trematoda)

 Subgenus Cruzmyia Lane & Cerqueira 1942 (Diptera)