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Mischa Cotlar

Mischa Cotlar, Ukrainian-born Argentine mathematician (Sarny, Rivne Oblast Province 01 August 1913 – Buenos Aires 16 January 2007)
His father, Ovsey Cotlar (1879-1952) is rembered in Lasker-Cotlar variant (chess)   


Enunciated the transfer principle in modern ergodic theory and ergodic Hilbert transform (1955)
Introduced the notion of quasi-orthogonality
Introduced quasi-orthogonal lemma for self-adjoint operators known as Cotlar-Stein lemma (1955)
With C. Sadosky introduced the concept of generalized Toeplitz kernels (1979) and the notion of algebraic scattering systems (1987)
Introduced the notion of “total” 


Cotlar theorem

Cotlar-Sadosky lifting theorem (1979)

Cotlar-Sadosky extension theorem

Cotlar-Sadosky algebraic scattering systems

Cotlar inequalities

Toeplitz-Krein-Cotlar triplets

Cotlar decomposition

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