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Mariano R. Castex

Mariano Rafael Ezequiel Pompeyo Castex Torres, Argentine physician (Buenos Aires 10 April 1886 – Buenos Aires 30 June 1968)


Described hepatic reticular necrosis in prolonged obstruent jaundice

Discovered ampullar cicatricial origin of spontaneous non-tuberclous hemopneumothorax

Described clinical triad of pneumothorax  

Described thoracobrachial sore sign of bronchogenic cancer and late postoperative atelectasis

Described ischemic pathogeny of giant ampulllar emphysema  

Discovered the meaning of the splitting of the first cardiac sound in bundle branch block  

With Pavlovsky & C. Simonetti described a new B hemophilia (1944)

With Eduardo Capdehourat developed a new method of bronchopulmonary therapeutic employing nebulized antibiotics 

With N. Romano a new method of permanent drain in tuberculous meningitis

With Luis Camponovo & Francisco Labour the action of succinic acid as breathing stimulant  



Castex sign or  Castex-Camauer-Bator in post-encephalic parkinsonism  

Castex purpurae or neurological purpurae  

Castex murmur (systolic murmur in acute infarction of myocardium) 

Atelectatic sign of lungs (Castex-Palacio-Mazzei sign)

Castex-Palacio-Mazzei thoracic brachial syndrome 



Honorary President, International Society of Internal Medicine

Foreign Associate Member, Academie de Medecine de Paris

Doctor Honoris Causa, Université de Paris