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Marcello de Moura Campos

Marcello de Moura Campos, Brazilian organic chemist (São Paulo 17 June 1921 – São Paulo 24 April 2016)

With R.T. Arnold proposed the mechanism of bromolactone formation (1953)

Developed methods for thioacetals preparation from carbonilic compounds (1950s)

With N. Petragnani developed a number of reagents containing P-C-Se (selenophosphoranes)

With N. Petragnani & Toscano first to synthesize species containing a P-Se-C binding

With N. Petragnani described the addiction of tellurium tetrachloride to olefins (1962)

With N. Petragnani & C. Thomé first to report the reduction of an organic substrate via a tellurium reagent (1960)

With N. Petragnani first to use a tellurium reagent in organic synthesis (1960)

With N. Petragnani discovered that both selenium and tellurium promotes the cyclization of unsaturated substrates in Chem. Ber. 93:317, 1960  

With N. Petragnani discovered seleno- and tellurolactonization of unsaturated acids in Chem. Ber. 93:317, 1960

With N. Petragnani first to describe selenocyclofunctionalization reaction (1959)