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Manoel Amoroso Costa

Manoel Amoroso Costa, Brazilian mathematician and engineer (Rio de Janeiro 13 January 1885 - Rio de Janeiro 03 December 1928) 
Showed that notion of mass center of universe can't be extended to an infinite Newtonian universe. These idea was presented in A propos d' une note de M. Borel. Comptes Rendus Acad. Sci. Paris 175(24):1190-1, 1922. 
Presented entitled work "L'univers infini-Quelques aspects du problème cosmologique" in Collége de France (1928). 
Performed interesting studies about Non-Archimedean Geometries that were displayed in one course in Université de Paris called "Les Géométries non-archimédiennes"  (1928). 

His work Um problema sobre a catenária (1917) was reproduced in the book La Mesure Rapide des Bases Geodesiques (1917)

Obtained a theorem about summability series (1919) 

Developed a method for determining time using stars height

Generalized the notion of frequency from an accumulation element

Some other works are Sobre a formação das estrelas duplas (1913) and Nota sobre a teoria dos instrumentos astronômicos (1926)