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Julián Carrillo

Julián Antonio Carrillo Trujillo, Mexican maestro and composer (Ahualulco, San Luis Potosí 28 January 1875 - San Angel 09 September 1965)
Regarded as pioneer in use of microinterval in songwriting

Discovered sonido 13, a product from sound scale division in minor interval than semitones (1895)

Patented fifteen metamorphoser pianos for various tones (1940)

Constructed instrumentation for producing microinterval 

Suggested monosyllabic names to musical scale notes that were accepted by Musical International Congress at Paris (1900)  

Created a numerical songwriting

Conceived new chromatic scales

Proposed microtonality, new kind of musical notation

Due to these performance was Physics Nobel Prize nominée in 1950 





His son, Nabor Carrillo Flores, Mexican engineer (Coyoacán, Mexico State 23 February 1911 – Ciudad de Mexico 19 February 1967)

He was Invited Professor in Harvard University and honored in lunar crater Carrillo