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Juan Jose Claria

Juan José Clariá Olmedo, Argentine astrophysicist (Cordoba 13 June 1945 -

Discovered a number of variable stars and globular clusters

Established empirical calibrations for determining fundamental parameters of stars

Pointed out that Canis Major OB1 was a real stellar association with occurrence of a variety of processes of great astrophysical interest

A study of the stellar association Canis Major OB1. Astron. Astrophys. 37:229-36, 1974

With A.E. Piatti, D. Geisler, E. Bica, J.F.C. Santos, A. Sarajedini & H. Dottori. Detección de una nueva fase en la evolución de estrellas gigantes rojas de la Nube Major de Magallanes. Bol. Asoc. Argent. Astron. 43:73-4, 1999

With D. Minniti, D. Geisler & R. Peterson. High dispersion spectroscopy of giants in metal-poor globular clusters: detailed abundances (1997)


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With D. Geisler & D. Minniti. An improved metal abundance calibration for the Washington system. Astron. J. 102:1836, 1991

With W. Osborn. A method for determining the chemical composition parameter (X,Y,Z) of galactic clusters (1976)


Asteroid 6810 Juanclaria