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Juan Carlos Cutropia

Juan Carlos Cutropia, Argentine surgeon (Mendoza 1940 – Mendoza 2018)

Employed a technique of outer circulation in hepatic transplants. The second paper was the one written in Spanish that was quoted in Thomas Starzl’s book Clio Chirurgica

Trasplante auxiliar homologo de fígado. Rev. Esp. Enf. Apar. Dig. (1971)

With F. Coratolo, A. Spinetta, J. Keil et al. Trasplante hepático ortotopico experimental. Rev. Esp. Enf. Apar. Dig. 38:553-70, 1972

Developed an orthotopic technique for thyroparathyroids autotransplantation with vascular anastomoses in dogs

With A. Riba, J. Keil, F. Coratolo & M. Bianchi. Autotrasplante de tiroparatiroides. Rev. Arg. Cir. 4(3-4):153-8, 1981

Researched a work sobre cephalic transplant in dogs (1988) but published it many years after it

Developed a low cost head light

With A.E. Romero. Frontolux economico con elevada illuminación. Rev. Arg. Cir. 59(3-4):126-9, 1990


2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century, International Biographic Center (2000)