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Juan Carlos Castilla

Juan Carlos Castilla Zenobi, Argentine-born Chilean marine ecologist (Lincoln, Argentina 19 August 1940 –

Authored over 305 papers

Studied the ecological role of man in coastal ecosystems

Developed the concept of experimental marine ecology

Described two new Polychaeta species Australonupis violacea (1981) & Scolelepis anakenae 1988 (with Rozbaczylo)

With C. Pacheco, M. Varas & V. Ortiz. The rocky intertidal plankton trap RIPT2: a modified device. Sarsia 86:37-41, 2002


Honorary Member, Ecological Society of America (1991)

International Prize of Fundación BBVA, Madrid (2007)

Honorary Professor, Bangor University, United Kingdom (2008)

Midori Prize for Biodiversity (2012)