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José Ribas Cadaval

José Ribas Cadaval, Brazilian military, physician and inventor (Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul State 22 April 1863 - Rio de Janeiro 29 July 1920)
Published Tratado de Aeronautica-Navegação Aerea (Aeronautics Treatise - Aerial Navigation) in 1911, the first treatise about aeronautics written by a Brazilian; laureated with prize from Belgian King

Aerocruiser Hermes (1908)
Cadaval method for learning children and adults to read, write and count (1908)
Acrenine, a compound used against paludism 
Cadaval Bakery-Automobile 
A dirigible glider balloon named Aerostoplano patented in France (n. 422.278) in 27 January 1911
Cadaval hydroplane