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José Henrique Ciguel

José Henrique Godoy Ciguel, Brazilian geologist and paleontologist (California, Paraná State 31 March 1957 – Curitiba 30 April 1991)



Tentaculites itacurubiensis 1988

Tentaculites rinconensis 1992 with Aceñolaza

Skolithos ayalis 1987 with Rosler & Clerici (Ichnofossil)

Non-recognized (described only in his doctoral thesis 1989)

Dmitriella dutoitensis

Dmitriella lundensis

Heteroctenus cochabambensis

Heteroctenus peruensis

Homoctenis barbosensis

Homoctenis carvalhensis

Homoctenis gonzaguensis

Homoctenis katzerensis

Homoctenis kayserensis

Homoctenis maackensis

Homoctenis ribeirensis

Homoctenis siemiradzkiensis

Homoctenis wagonerensis

Multiconus fraternalis

Nowakia alamosensis

Paranowakia lospiojensis

Paranowakia petriensis

Seretites boliviensis

Seretites borbensis

Seretites sanjuanensis

Styliolina eschwegensis

Styliolina langensis

Tentaculites brannerensis

Tentaculites burlamaquiensis

Tentaculites capanemensis

Tentaculites cataviensis

Tentaculites clarkensis

Tentaculites coutinhensis

Tentaculites derbyensis

Tentaculites gorceixensis

Tentaculites gualcamayensis

Tentaculites harttensis

Tentaculites huallataniensis

Tentaculites kellaybelenensis

Tentaculites kozlowskiensis

Tentaculites lapazensis

Tentaculites milluniensis

Tentaculites rathbunensis

Tentaculites sommerensis

Tentaculites talacastensis

Tentaculites titicacaensis

Turmalites viramundensis

Uniconus andradensis

Variella henricaurensis


Ciguelia Mussa, Borghi, Bergamaschi, Schubert, Pereira & Rodrigues 1996 (Fossil Plantae)