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José da Costa Cruz

José M. da Costa Cruz, Brazilian microbiologist and immunologist (Belém 24 February 1894 – Rio de Janeiro 29 October 1940)

Showed the toxigenic capacity of diphtheria bacillus depended on culture medium  (not published)

Modified Ramon culture medium for production of diphtheric toxin 


Established an agglutination optimum (1929)

Proved the relationship between bacterial multiplication and phage power (1925)

Demonstrated the phage sensitivity to oligodynamic action

First to study the immune interference in bacterial lysis by phage (before Hauduroy)

Performed important researches about phages that were cited in classical works of D’ Herelle

Observed the destructive action of yellow fever virus on complement system and developed a complement-fixation reaction for diagnosing it (Costa Cruz reaction)

Diagnostic de la fievre jaune par le dosage de l’alexine. C.R. Soc. Biol. 104(21):668, 1929

Established the role of administration of active phages by via oral into evolution of bacillary dysentery (1924)

With H.A. Penna. Sur um nouveau constituant de l’alexine. C.R. Soc. Biol. 104(21):668, 1939

Described species Mycobacterium fortuitum (1938)

Prepared Bacteriophagina, an anti-dysenteric product (1920s)

Eponym of Costa-Cruz phenomenon