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Joaquín Cravioto Muñoz

Joaquín Cravioto Muñoz, Mexican pediatrician and nutritionist (Pachuca, Hidalgo 12 September 1922 – Ciudad de Mexico 09 April 1998)

From Italian ancestry
Authored 647 publications and 4 books


With F. Gómez & R. Ramos Galván characterized the child severe malnutrition  

First described nutritional recovery syndrome
With F. Gomez & R. Ramos Galván. Nutritional recovery syndrome (Preliminary report). Pediatrics 10:513-26, 1952

Showed that third-degree child malnutrition and kwashiorkor are the same thing

With F. Gómez, R. Ramos Galván & S. Frenk. Desnutrición de tercer grado en Mexico (kwashiorkor en Africa). Bol. Med. Hosp. Inf. 9(3):281, 1952

With R. Ramos Galván established new criteria in child growth dynamics and development

World pioneer in studying malnutrition effects on infantile psychoemotional development (1950s)

Showed that the biological age is less than chronological age in a malnourished child 

With R. Arrieta. Stimulation and mental development of malnourished infant. Lancet 12 Jan 1980 p. 89 


Authored a classical study of malnutrition-mental performance relationships

With E.R. de Licardie & H.G. Birch. Nutrition, growth and neurointegrative development: an experimental and ecologic study. Pediatrics 38(2 Part II):319-72, 1966
Proposed a modified Gesell scale

With I. Lares-Asseff, P. Santiago & B. Perez Ortiz. A new dosing regimen for metronidazole in malnourished children. Scand. J. Infect. Dis. 25(1):115-21, 1993


With A.B. Barnet, I.P.Weiss, M.V. Sotillo, E.S. Ohlbrich & M. Shkurovich. Abnormal auditory evoked potentials in early infancy malnutrition. Science 201 (4354):450-2, 1978

With M. Lindoro & H.G. Birch. Sex differences in I.Q. pattern of children with congenital heart defects. Science 174 (4013):1042-4, 1971

With F. Gómez, R. Ramos Galván & J. Cravioto. Prevention and treatment of chronic severe infantile malnutrition (kwashiorkor). Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 69(5):969-81, 1958

With F. Gómez, R. Ramos Galván, S. Frenk, J. Vazquez Santaella & C. de la Peña. Fat absorption in chronic severe malnutrition in children. Lancet 268(6934):121-2, 1956



Doctor Honoris Causa, Goteborg University (1970)

Doctor Honoris Causa, Tufts University, Boston, United States (1962)

Invited Professor, Cornell University, Harvard University & Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lecturer, Nobel Conference

Purkinje Medal, Czech Academy of Sciences

Rank Prize for Nutrition, United Kingdom (1988)

Gopalan Gold Medal oration, Nutrition Foundation of India

Gold Medal, Japan Pediatric Society

Premio Reina Sofia de España (1984)