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Joaquín Cravioto Muñoz

Joaquín Cravioto Muñoz, Mexican pediatrician and nutritionist (Pachuca, Hidalgo 12 September 1922 – Ciudad de Mexico 09 April 1998)

From Italian ancestry
Authored over 400 works


First described nutritional recovery syndrome

With F. Gomez & R. Ramos Galván. Nutritional recovery syndrome (Preliminary report). Pediatrics 10:513-26, 1952

Authored a classical study of malnutrition-mental performance relationships

With E.R. de Licardie & H.G. Birch. Nutrition, growth and neurointegrative development: an experimental and ecologic study. Pediatrics 38(2 Part II):319-72, 1966
Proposed a modified Gesell scale


Doctor Honoris Causa, Goteborg University (1970)

Doctor Honoris Causa, Tufts University, Boston, United States

Invited Professor, Cornell University, Harvard University & Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lecturer, Nobel Conference

Purkinje Medal, Czech Academy of Sciences

Rank Prize for Nutrition, United Kingdom (1988)