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Joaquim Ribeiro da Costa

Joaquim Ribeiro da Costa, Brazilian Army officer and mechanical inventor (Salvador 10 September 1857 - Rio de Janeiro 05 February 1937)
Father of world-famous architect Lúcio Costa

A life-saving boat (acclaimed in World Fair of Paris)

Lifeguard Raft and boat

Directiophone, device devoted to know the direction of the sound of a steam whistle (prize-winner in World Fair of Paris 1900)

Torpedo-boat semi-submarine

New submarine torpedo 

A rotating steam engine

Another rotary engine

An original steam engine (patented in France, Belgium, Germany, England & United States)

 A new steam distribution without eccentric (patented in many countries)

New steam engine for navigation purposes 

Original all automatic engine working by means of compressed air

A new sucking treading pump with oscillating movement 

Apparatus for automatic feeding of boilers

New apparatus to feed automatically any boiler

Four concentric tubes boiler (patented in several countries)

2 other kinds of boiler (e.g. extra fast vaporization boiler) 

Hydraulic turbine for navigation purposes

Machine to make tooth-picks

Electrical hydraulic apparatus

Semi submersible motorboat 

Immersion regulator for submarines