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Jesus Calderón Tinoco

Jesus Calderón Tinoco, Mexican immunologist and cytologist (Uruapán, Michoacán State 1943 – 07 May 2008)

With E. Unanue & R.T. William discovered that macrophages release thymidine that inhibits EL-4 cells (1974)

With E.R. Unanue described the existence of stimulating factors of T lymphocytes in Nature 253:359, 1975

Demonstrated the neutrophils as the main protective cell against amebiasis 

With L. Muñoz & H. Acosta showed the regenerative capacity of Amoeba histolytica cell membranes as an effective evasion mechanism to host humoral response (1980)

With José Tapia Ramírez & José Manuel Hernandez developed Porcimunesoa, the first vaccine for blue eyes swine disease