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Ignacio Chavez

Ignacio Chavez Sanchez, Mexican cardiologist (Zirandaro, Guerrero State 31 January 1897 – Ciudad de Mexico 12 July 1979)
Authored 189 medical publications and 7 books

With Alejandro Celis & Narno Dorbecker first in the world saw cardiac coronary arteries in a human being and developed selective angiocardiography

Direct intracardiac angiocardiography – its diagnostic value. Am. Heart J. 33:560-93, 1947
Described Chavez pulmonary complex in pulmonary hypertension
Lecciones de Clinica Cardiologica (1931)

Described Chavez-Rivero Carvallo sign

Una nueva maniobra para diferenciar los soplos aórticos y los pulmonares. Arch. Lat. Amer. Cardiol. Hematol. 5:115, 1935
Eponym of Chavez-Aceves sign in deep post-inspiratory apnea 
Founded Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia, the first institution in the world devoted exclusively to cardiology (1944)


Life honorary president, International Society of Cardiology (1962-79)