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Ignacio Chavez

Ignacio Chavez Sanchez, Mexican cardiologist (Zirandaro, Guerrero State 31 January 1897 – Ciudad de Mexico 12 July 1979)
Authored 189 medical publications and 7 books

With Alejandro Celis & Narno Dorbecker first in the world saw cardiac coronary arteries in a human being and developed selective angiocardiography

Direct intracardiac angiocardiography – its diagnostic value. Am. Heart J. 33:560-93, 1947
Described Chavez pulmonary complex in pulmonary hypertension
Lecciones de Clinica Cardiologica (1931)

Described Chavez-Rivero Carvallo sign

Una nueva maniobra para diferenciar los soplos aórticos y los pulmonares. Arch. Lat. Amer. Cardiol. Hematol. 5:115, 1935
Eponym of Chavez-Aceves sign in deep post-inspiratory apnea 

With J. Espino Vela proposed a theory for explaining the high rates of persistence of ductus arteriosus in regions of high altitude (1953)
Founded Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia, the first institution in the world devoted exclusively to cardiology (1944)


Life honorary president, International Society of Cardiology (1962-79)