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Humberto Carelli

Humberto Horacio Carelli Capece, Argentine radiologist (Mercedes, Buenos Aires Province 08 November 1882 – Buenos Aires 30 January 1963)

Described pneumoretroperitoneum technique (translumbar perirenal insufflation) independent of Paul Rosenstein (1921) later improved (1947)

El neumoperitoneo en la exploración radiologica del abdome. Anales Fac. Med. Bs. Aires (1921)

Pneumoperitoneum. Amer. J. Roentgenol. 10:259-79, 1923  

Developed pneumopyelography 

With Enrique H. Sordelli. Un Nuevo procedimiento para explorer el riñon. Rev. Asoc. Med. Arg. 34:424-5, 1921

With Roberto Gandulfo & Alberto Ocampo conceived ginecography (a combination of pneumoretroperitoneum and hysterosalpingography techniques) in 1924 before Stein & Arens (1926)

La exploración radiologica en ginecologia. La Semana medica (1925)

With Jaime R. Costa created Costa-Carelli horizontal procedure for producing dental radiographs

Designed various medical instruments such as Carelli radiological table and Carelli clamp 

Designed a device to prevent contrast material reflux and fix the cervix during the procedure 

Authored an Atlas of Hysterosalpingography (1935)