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Huakui Chen

Huakui Chen, Chinese soil microbiologist (Beijing 11 January 1914 – 2002)

Authored Production of Growth-substance by clover nodule bacteria. Nature 142:753, 1938

Discovered that a hormone secreted by Rhizobia was responsible for extending and curling root hair (1930s)

Indicated that the amount of nitrogen fixation carried out by a nodulated plant depended on several factors succh as number of nodules, the volume of bacteroid-containing tissue in each and the time for which this tissue persisted

With H.G. Thornton. The structure of ineffective nodules and its influence on nitrogen fixation. Proceed Roy. Soc. B 129:208-29, 1940

Proved that Astragalus sinicus and its root-nodule bacteria (Mesorhizobium huakuii) must be considered as a select cross-inoculation group

With M.K. Shu. Note on the root-nodule bacteria of Astragalus sinicus L. Soil Sci. 58:291-3, 1944

First discovered the nitrozation of facultatively anaerobic nitrification microorganism in paddy field (1964)

Proposed the concept of location effect


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