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Hsiang-Tung Chang

Hsiang-Tung Chang or Xiang-Tong Zhang, Chinese neurophysiologist (Cheng-Ting, Hopei Province 27 November 1907 – Shanghai 11 November 2007)
With J. Fulton first to show that voluntary muscles were all in the motor cortex in Representation of muscles in the motor cortex of the macaque. J. Neurophysiol. (1947)
With D. Lloyd demonstrated that afferent fiber diameters of each muscle nerves were distributed into three groups in J. Neurophysiol. (1948)
First to demonstrate an afferent-efferent neuronal circuit between the cortex and the thalamus (1948)
Discovered photic potentiation effect or Chang effect (1950)
Proposed that dendrites were able to conduct action potentials (1951)
First to propose a fundamental distinction between axosomatic and axodendritic synapses (1952)
Formulated the neuronal mechanism underlying the evoked potential (1959)
Discovered a sequence of late waves that follow the evoked potentials