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Hernán Chaimovich

Hernán Chaimovich Guralnik, Chilean-born Brazilian biochemist (Santiago 07 August 1939 –
From Jewish Russian ancestry
Authored 136 papers 


First demonstrated that any enzyme behave such a specific manner 

With A. Traverso-Cori & O. Cori. Kinetic studies and properties of potato apyrase. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 109(1):173-84, 1965

Developed models for quantitative analysis of micelles and other aggregates on reactions

Described one of the first artificial surfactant systems forming vesicles

Elaborated conceptual frameworks for the quantitative analysis of reaction rates in aggregated systems advancing the understanding of interfacial effects on chemical and biological reactivity 

First described vesicle formation using synthetic amphiphiles with negative charge (1984)
With R.A. Mortara & F.H. Quina. Formation of closed vesicles from a simple phosphate diester. Biochem Biophysl Res Commun 81(4):1080-1086, 1978

Described methodology for analysis of reaction velocities in complex systems

With F.H. Quina. Conceptual framework for ion-exchange im micellar solutions. J. Phys. Chem 83(14);1844-50, 1979

With F.H. Quina, R.M.V. Aleixo, I.M. Cuccovia & D. Zanette. Quantitative analysis of micellar effects on chemical reactivity and equilibria: an evolutionary overview. Solution Behavior of Surfactants 2:949-73, 1982

With A.E. Vercesi & J.M. Cuccovia. A plant uncoupling mitochondrial protein pump. Nature 375: 24-24, 1995.


With E.J. Ribaldo, J.B. S. BonilhaM.J. Politi, F.H. Quina et al. A rapid quantitative method for determining the homolog composition of quaternary ammonium surfactants. J Colloid Interf Science 97:115-120, 1984.

With J.M. Cuccovia, L.S. Romsted & I.N. Silva. A new method for estimating the degree of ionization and counterion selectivity of cetyltrimethilammonium halide micelles: chemical trapping of free counterions by water soluble arene diazonion ion. Langmuir 2628:647-652, 1997.
With L. G. K S. Dias & J. P. S. Farah. A simple method for the fast calculation of charge redistribution of solutes in an implicit solvent model. Chemical Physics  282(2):237-243, 2002.


Commandeur dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques de France (2010)