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Hernán Chaimovich

Hernán Chaimovich Guralnik, Chilean-born Brazilian biochemist (Santiago 07 August 1939 –
From Jewish Russian ancestry
Authored 136 papers 


First demonstrated that any enzyme behave such a specific manner (1965)
Developed models for quantitative analysis of micelles and other aggregates on reactions
First described vesicle formation using synthetic amphiphiles with negative charge (1984)
With R.A. Mortara & F.H. Quina. Formation of closed vesicles from a simple phosphate diester. Biochem Biophysl Res Commun 81(4):1080-1086, 1978.
With A.E. Vercesi & J.M. Cuccovia. A plant uncoupling mitochondrial protein pump. Nature 375: 24-24, 1995.


With E.J. Ribaldo, J.B. S. BonilhaM.J. Politi, F.H. Quina et al. A rapid quantitative method for determining the homolog composition of quaternary ammonium surfactants. J Colloid Interf Science 97:115-120, 1984.

With J.M. Cuccovia, L.S. Romsted & I.N. Silva. A new method for estimating the degree of ionization and counterion selectivity of cetyltrimethilammonium halide micelles: chemical trapping of free counterions by water soluble arene diazonion ion. Langmuir 2628:647-652, 1997.
With L. G. K S. Dias & J. P. S. Farah. A simple method for the fast calculation of charge redistribution of solutes in an implicit solvent model. Chemical Physics  282(2):237-243, 2002.


Commandeur dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques de France (2010)