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Hector Croxatto

Hector Croxatto Rezzio, Chilean biochemist (Valparaiso 03 July 1907 – Santiago 28 September 2010)
Authored over 300 works

His works on kalikrein-kynin system gained world acclaim
Discovered pepsanurin (1942) and PU-D1, a new kininogen-derived peptide

 With R. Silva, X. Figueroa, R. Albertini, J. Roblero & M.P. Boric. A peptide released by pepsin from kininogen domain 1 is a potent blocker of AMP-mediated diuresis-natriuresis in the rat. Hypertension 30(4):897-904, 1997

Showed that the proteolytic hydrolysis of plasma proteins gave rise to potent peptides acting upon smooth muscles and kidney functions

With G.B. Marini-Bettolo purified and characterized renal proteins presenting important biological activity

Described a number of vasoactive peptides

With J. Masferrer, R. Albertini, P. Garcia & I. Pinto. Isolation and characterization of rat plasma glandular kallikrein. Biochem. Pharmacol. 34(1):51-6, 1985   


Eponym of Porcelli-Croxatto method for studying urinary kallikrein (1970s)

Papers in top journals

With M. de la Lastra. Diurnal variations in ovarian ascorbic acid content of pseudopregnant immature rats used in Parlow’s test. Nature 208:789-90, 1965

With J. Arrau & H. Croxatto. Luteinizing hormone-like activity in human median eminence extracts. Nature 204:584-5, 1964

With M. de la Lastra. Ovarian ascorbic acid depleting activity in human brain extracts. Nature 204:583-4, 1964

With E. Labarca & G. Cofre. Effects od D,1-aldosterone on renal excretion of water, sodium, and potassium induced by renin. Nature 199:182-3, 1963

With J. Belmar. Hypertensive effects of bradykinin in rats. Nature 192:879-80, 1961

With T. Pereda & R. Mellada. Peptides with oxytocic and pressor activity obtained from acidified rat serum. Nature 184:1496, 1959

With F.B. Oberhauser, M.Q. Gaillard & M.V. Silva. Anti-tumorigenic action of iodinated compounds. Nature 176:466-7, 1955

With L. Barnafi. Anti-diuretic substances of the blood. Nature 172:304-5, 1953

With L. Barnafi, G. Rojas, A. Reyes & A. Infante. Anti-diuretic and oxytocic substances liberated by the digestion of plasmatic proteins with pepsin. Nature 171:82-3, 1953

With L. Barnafi & J. Passi. Effect of renin on diuresis in rats. Science 116 (3019):507-10, 1952

With G. Rojas & L. Barnafi. An antidiuretic substance obtained by digestion of globulin with pepsin. Science 113 (2939):494-5, 1951

With R. Croxatto & M. Reyes. The effect of hypertensin on the inactivation of oxytocin by the serum of pregnant women. Science 108 (2815):658-9, 1948

With R. Croxatto. Destruction of hypertensin and pepsitensin by an aminopeptidase obtained from yeast. Science 96 (2501):519-20, 1942

With R. Croxatto. Pepsitensin. A hypertension-like substance produced by peptic digestion of proteins. Science 95:1012, 1942

Houssay Prize, OAS (1983)