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Guoda Chen

Guoda Chen or Kuo-ta Ch’en, Chinese geologist and geophysicist (Xinhui County, Guangdong Province 22 January 1912 – Changsha, Hunan Province 07 April 2004)

Developed theories of structural geology and movement of the earth’s crust that have been internationally adopted such as Diwa Geodepression Theory (1956)

Proposed Diwa metallogeny (1960)

Proposed the concept of Danxia landform (1939) with Jinglan Feng

Diwa (Geodepression Region) – a new type of active region of Post Platform Stage. Problems on Geotectonics of China (1965)

Crustobody – a new concept of integrative geotectonics. Geotectonica et Metallogenia 19(1):1-21, 1995


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