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Guilherme Schüch, baron of Capanema

Guilherme Schüch, baron of Capanema, Brazilian engineer, physicist, chemist and naturalist (Mariana, Minas Gerais State 17 January 1824 - Rio de Janeiro 28 July 1908)
Son of Austrian father and Swiss mother 

Described the genus Phyllostylon of Ulmaceae plants (1851)
Pioneer in observations about rocks decomposition processes in moist tropical climates

Proved that thick layer of red clays that covers mountains result from tropical weathering (1854)


A new type of insulator for land telegraphic lines suited to tropical climates, patented in United Kingdom number 4171 (1873) 
A special grate for aiding the writing in telegraphy 
An ingenious machine for pulverisation of the powder elements  
Invented and produced Capanema formicide
An apparatus to carbonise wood by means of over-heated water steam

Patented paper production made from Brazilian plants fibers (1857)


Genus Capanemia Barbosa Rodrigues 1877 (Orchidaceae)